President’s Message

The future of waterless and chemistry-free printing plates, coatings, and eco-friendly printing

Welcome to Verico. I am pleased to announce that Zahara customers now have a company dedicated to their business success. We are taking over the Zahara product line from Presstek. More important, Zahara will be our primary focus as a company. What drives every employee at Verico? Continuing to set the bar for the highest quality and performance in waterless plates on press and chemistry-free setup. Delivering world-class customer support. Leading in innovation, especially eco-friendly solutions. Expanding the Zahara product portfolio to meet evolving customer needs. Our goals are high, but our customers deserve the best.

Yuval Dubois

President and Chief Executive Officer

Company Overview

Verico is taking Zahara waterless and chemistry-free printing plates to the next level of performance for our customers

Verico is a global market leader for eco-friendly printing plate solutions. Our flagship product line, Zahara, is the first waterless and chemistry-free printing plate. Like many innovations that are good for the environment, Zahara technology is also good for our customers’ business: improving profitability, supporting worker safety, meeting emerging regulations, reducing waste, streamlining workflow, and more.

Rather than “one size fits all,” Zahara plates precisely match each market’s needs, including: newspapers and catalog printing, narrow web label printing, sheetfed, Karat, and CD/DVD printing. Verico will continue to expand into other segments, such as security printing. We are also supporting our customers with eco-friendly accessories (like our Eco-Kleen washer). We have a dedicated R&D team and lab to help customers with pilot programs to test new substrates, coatings and inks.

Verico designs and manufactures all Zahara plates in its 125,000 sq. ft. production facility in Enfield, Connecticut in the U.S. The plant has some of the finest capabilities in the world for coating flexible substrates, such as films, foils, fabrics and papers. One of Verico’s new business segments is offering contract coating and production services. Our R&D team is available to partner with customers to develop or test coatings or coating methods and even run their pilot programs.

Eco-Friendly Commitment

Verico’s management and R&D teams have been at the forefront of developing waterless and chemistry-free printing solutions. Water is a precious resource, and we support our customers’ goals to conserve it. Chemicals are hazardous to workers and to the environment, and we have created a chemistry-free plate setup to eliminate it. How does your business benefit from chemistry-free:

  • Eliminating chemical transfer on press and reducing materials waste
  • Improving worker safety
  • Supporting regulatory compliance
  • Eliminating specialized storage and disposal costs
  • The ability to promote your chemistry-free environment as a competitive advantage

The need for water conservation is already here. Undoubtedly, tougher regulations for using chemicals are coming. Verico is committed to helping Zahara customers meet market challenges and operate more profitably going forward.

Leadership Team

Yuval Dubois

President and Chief Executive Officer

Taral Patel

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

James Beaulieu

Director of Operations

Jon McCarthy

Quality Control Manager

Karol Wolnikowski

General Manager, EAMER Operations

Candido Presa Arjones

Technical Project Director, Worldwide

Jörg Seeger

Global Sales Director

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