Zahara Newz Waterless Plates for KBA Cortina Presses

For the first time, KBA Cortina presses have a second source for waterless plates. Zahara Newz waterless plates are fully compatible with your existing workflow. No press adjustments needed.

  • The only chemistry free plate with superior reading contrast without the use of coloring agents
  • Chemistry-free plate setup completes the picture of eco-friendly waterless printing and improves profitability and safety virtually overnight
  • High-end coating technology always provides the finest screening and a sharp dot on every substrate
  • More durable plates and a chemistry-free process enable longer runs per plate to lower your operating costs

Your Dependable Source for Waterless Plates

Verico has a 125,000 square foot (12,000m2) manufacturing space in the company’s U.S. headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut. The production capacity in Enfield exceeds the current Cortina market consumption of waterless plates by threefold. Which means Verico can easily meet your second source requirements. We also have a dedicated 800-square meter warehouse in Europe to help ensure that you have as much safety stock as you need in local inventory.

Consistent Quality Ensures Flawless Performance

Verico’s high-end coating technology always provides the finest screening and a sharp dot on every substrate. Our plates deliver high resolution and reach up to 200 lines per inch.

In production, we cut the plate aluminum in line. This gives each plate the same precise, smooth edge and avoids damage to expensive rollers and blanket material. With our stringent Quality Control processes, you can be confident that every plate will provide the same flawless performance.

Superior Durability for Longer Press Runs

Zahara plates are known for their durability; the silicone layer stays extremely stable and you get more runs from each plate.

Beyond that, Cortina printing demands top performance under harsh conditions. The Zahara Newz plate applies a precise silicone layer for added durability. The result is the most durable waterless plate for Cortina presses with the high resolution you require.

Completing the Eco-friendly Picture: Waterless and Chemistry-free

Zahara takes waterless printing one step further: eliminating chemicals for pre-press preparation. Chemistry-free means lower costs and higher worker safety. Eliminating chemical prep also simplifies your workflow, making each job more efficient.

Zahara Newz Plate Specifications:
Plate Type Thermal non-ablative, negative writing
Substrate Aluminum
Interleaf material Paper
Plate sizes Common press sizes are available
Plate thickness .012” (.30mm)
Run length1 Up to 200,000 impressions
Spectral sensitivity Thermal lasers, 830 nm
Light sensitivity Full daylight handling and operation up to 4 hours
Storage and reuse Up to 18-24 months
Processing options Requires no preheating, baking, gumming or dye solutions. Use with your current processor chemistry-free2
Imaging resolution 1200/2400/2540 dpi, AM resolution 2-98% at 200 lpi (80 l/cm), FM screening 1-99%. Cross-modulated screening 1 – 99% with Sublima 240
Operating environment Daylight, 40-60%RH, 60-70°F (16-24°C)

1 Actual run lengths may vary according to press, ink, and paper conditions
2 Requires the use of a qualified washer for cleaning. Your current processor may qualify