Zahara NWL Plate für Narrow Web Labeldruck

The Zahara NWL plate is the first and only waterless and chemistry-free printing plate for waterless narrow web label presses. It has been designed specifically for label print processes on various substrates and the use of UV-based ink types. The Zahara NWL plate simplifies your platemaking by replacing processing chemistry with water. In a short period of time, Zahara plates have changed the economics of narrow web label printing:

  • Save time and money and extend the life of your processor
  • More durable plates and a chemistry-free process enable longer runs per plate to lower your investment costs
  • Chemistry-free plate setup completes the picture of eco-friendly waterless printing (eliminating dye solutions and harmful chemistry processing). Moving to waterless and chemistry-free with Zahara improves your profitability and worker safety virtually overnight
  • Improve your compliance for food packaging applications, such as eliminating chemical interference with low-migration inks

Consistent Quality Ensures Flawless Performance

Verico’s high-end coating technology always provides the finest screening and a sharp dot on every substrate. Our plates deliver high resolution and reach up to 200 lines per inch or FM20 in stochastic screening mode.

In production, we cut the plate aluminum in line. This gives each plate the same precise, smooth edge and avoids damage to expensive rollers and blanket material.

With our stringent Quality Control processes, you can be confident that every plate will provide the same flawless performance.

Superior Durability for Longer Press Runs

Zahara plates are known for their durability. Our plates aren’t degraded by chemical washing during setup. As a result, the silicone layer stays extremely stable and you get more runs from each plate.

Beyond that, narrow web label printing demands top performance under harsh conditions. The custom Zahara NWL plate applies a precise silicone layer for added durability. The result is the most durable waterless plate for narrow we label printing presses with the high resolution you require.

Your Dependable Source for Waterless Plates

Verico has a 125,000 square foot (12,000m2) manufacturing space in the company’s U.S. headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut. We also have a dedicated 800-square meter warehouse in Europe to help ensure that you have as much safety stock as you need in local inventory.

Completing the Eco-friendly Picture: Waterless and Chemistry-free

Zahara takes waterless printing one step further: eliminating chemicals for pre-press preparation. Chemistry-free means lower costs and higher worker safety. Eliminating chemical prep also simplifies your workflow, making each job more efficient.

Chemistry-free prep also means reduced waste. There are no residual chemicals on Zahara plates that can transfer to the press. You’ll scrap less material waiting for chemical traces to disappear.

The higher the cost of the materials—and the more cost-conscious your client—the more critical it is to reduce waste.

Providing and supporting a complete solution

In addition to Zahara plates, Verico provides a highly economical washer for waterless setup. Our Eco-Kleen washer incorporates an intelligent filtration system and consumes very little water, which can save thousands of liters of water annually. It’s also extremely compact with a very small footprint. Learn more.

Many of our customers even promote their “low water consumption” printing processes as a competitive differentiator.

Committed to Your Success

Verico’s commitment to your success isn’t just based on delivering the best printing plates. We are committed to having one of the best customer support organizations in the industry. Whether your question is about products or processes, we’re here to help.


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