Welcome to Enfield, Connecticut! This 125,000 square foot (12.000m2) facility is where Verico designs and manufactures Zahara plates. We hope you have the opportunity to visit Enfield—we’d be proud to give you a tour. Sit down with our R&D team to share your feedback and talk about the future. Get a briefing from our quality control team and our coatings experts. Learn more about how we deliver the quality and performance you expect from Zahara waterless plates. Please take a moment to browse this photo gallery, where we showcase some of the capabilities in Enfield.

R&D Innovation

Verico customers trust our commitment to innovation. Our R&D team is constantly working on the development of new technologies and processes. This work is driven by feedback from our customers. Here are examples of innovations that are solving real business problems:

Simplifying the press process

Using chemicals isn’t just bad for the environment and the health of workers. It reduces your profits by adding extra time to jobs, higher operational expenses, and more waste. Eliminating chemicals to prepare plates is enabling customers to substantially streamline operations and improve profitability.

Reducing investment costs

Creating more durable waterless plates improves the length of each run. Which means you don’t have to buy as many plates. You can keep the presses running longer before you have to stop and change plates. And you don’t throw away as many plates, reducing waste.

R&D lab to support your pilots

We have a dedicated R&D lab in Enfield, Connecticut, where we’re constantly working with new coatings and substrates. If you’d like to try a new coating, new coating method, or assess a substrate, perhaps we can be of assistance in running a pilot program for you. If so, please contact

Customer feedback drives innovation. Do you have a printing issue that you’d like to discuss with us? Please contact

Quality Control

Consistent quality and flawless performance—that’s what customers expect with Zahara printing plates. And that’s how Zahara performs, from the first print impression to the last.

Quality is our top priority. In fact, the Quality Control (QC) function reports directly to the president of the

Our coating lines incorporate multiple inspection checks. Using a combination of manual and automated inspection, we look for deviations in specifications, substrates or the application of coating. The inspection process starts even before the coating process—checking the aluminum as it’s rolled out. We also cut the aluminum in line, rather than using the conventional method of cutting metal in sheets. This gives every each plate the same precise, smooth edge that won’t damage expensive roller and blanket material.

We use Wintriss smart cameras—the most precise surface flaw detection and inspection systems available for nonwovens, paper, textiles, film, foil, plastics and coatings. The cameras can scan at 80,000 lines/sec. and detect defects as small as 10 microns. If the camera detects a defect, an integrated ink jet system marks the material to be pulled off the line for manual inspection.

This deep, multi-step inspection is also extremely efficient. Which is why we easily exceed global customer demand for Zahara plates for all of these markets: