Verico Technology is a leading provider of waterless printing solutions and advanced coating technologies. We offer contract coating services and formulating expertise to meet your precise requirements.

About Our Facility

Our 125,000 sq. ft. production facility is located in Enfield, Connecticut. The plant is dedicated to coated flexible substrates, such as films, foils, fabrics and papers. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and chemistry free. We offer:

  • Analytical testing resources
  • Thermal solvent incineration equipment
  • Clean room manufacturing asset to class 5,000
  • Automated and manual inspection
  • Quality management system
  • R&D laboratory
  • Three shifts to support high-volume production

Coating Lines

The facility has two coating lines that use slot die technology to apply aqueous and solvent coatings on flexible substrates for a wide range of industrial applications. We can handle slot die coating of substrates up to 60 inches with line speeds up to 200 feet per minute.

Comprehensive Project Support

We can assist at any stage of your project, from base formulation and lab drawdown through production commissioning. We have a full R&D laboratory and technical staff on-site to consult on early stage development projects.

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