July 26, 2019

marcolor: inventive green partner for advertising materials

At marcolor, color is more than just part of the firm’s name. Take a look at the website of this young company—which is just over two year’s old—and what you’ll find is freshness, innovation and inventiveness, together with the slogan, “we love print”. Few people can make such a claim as convincingly as the managing […]


July 21, 2019

1.2.3. Etiketten chooses the clever as chemical-free platemaking process

The European sales and service team of Verico Technology ensures that print shops can make their plates for waterless offset in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. This also refers to 1.2.3. Etiketten, a member of the Clever Group. Founded in the mid 1990’s, the Clever Group already belongs to the Top 10 label print […]